Changelog Latest release 25 days ago

Improved 1
  • As a client is deleted from WHMCS, the deletion is performed also on CM for affiliates, referenced customers and earnings
Changed 1
  • WHMCS Admin > Affiliates. Client name column renamed Affiliate name
Improved 2
  • Some improvements to Lara Admin & v4 even though we do not officially support these templates
  • FontAwesome v5 icons update
Changed 1
  • Small change to Settings core class that doesn't affect the way the module works
Fixed 2
  • Filtering options of Source column where not visible
  • A typo was preventing the module from sending notification about updates


Today's release involves also Billing Extension. Both modules combined will allow you to comply with Australian GST Law. For more details please read Australian Taxation System in our documentation.

New 3
  • Even invoices suppressed by Billing Extension (OneInvoice, Manual Invoicing, Anti-Fraud etc.) award commissions to affiliates
  • The use of Commission Manager together with Billing Extension lets you issue Credit Notes to Affiliates in line with Australia's tax system
  • The module stores a new set of information that will be used for billing purposes
Fixed 1
  • Affiliates page. Sorting by Commission, Payouts, Revenue and Affiliation Code was causing a fatal error
Fixed 1
  • Commission Rules not saving on servers with SQL Stric Mode enabled
Improved 1
  • MagicInput. New type of textarea
Fixed 1
  • Potential bug with FileUploader (can't upload files)
Improved 1
  • Module's core has been updated to improve loading times

This release allows Administrators to manually activate any registered customer as an Affiliate.

New 1
  • Manually add Affiliates
Improved 1
  • Fallback for systems with weird (so to speak) PHP ReflectionClass configuration
Deprecated 1
  • In version 2.0.1 we introduced a fallback for system without date.timezone specified in php.ini. We're reverting this change since it caused small issues on some WHMCS
Improved 1
  • Module Auto-Updater notably improved
Improved 2
  • CM modal in Client Summary page has been improved
  • Small Core improvement. Fallback for systems without date.timezone specified in php.ini
Changed 1
  • Achievements have been renamed Milestones
Fixed 1
  • Client Summary Error


After more than 10 months of development the refactored Commission Manager is out! You can find more information here.

We remind you that Commission Manager 2.0.0 has nothing in common with previous versions released. It's a brand new module. You can install CM v2 with CM v1 simultaneously but the latter will be discontinued.

New 14
  • Create your affiliate network
  • Award recurring, one-time and lifetime commissions
  • Commissions can be based fixed amounts, percentages or both
  • Affiliates compete with each other to unlock achievements that boost their income
  • Show/hide statistics and details in one click
  • First-Click attribution model based on Referral Links with cookies
  • Interactive attribution where end-users select their sales representative from a list
  • Manual attribution for sales and conversions made offline
  • Support for Retroactive Pay, GDPR-ready, multi-currency and safe from cross-affiliation techniques
  • Add, remove, rearrange and export tables' columns on the fly
  • Perform actions on multiple rows at a time
  • Automations to save time and money running your business
  • Issue credit note for payouts to affiliates with Billing Extension
  • Click tracking and statistics
Deprecated 1
  • Commission Manager v1 is no longer supported

Developer notes

This is the first release of the refactored module therefore if you experience issues, please submit a bug-report. If you have any suggestions let us know by using request a feature.


As discussed in PHP 7.1 & 7.2 Lab, this release we fixed compatibility issues with newer versions of PHP and we have also added some small improvements.

Improved 3
  • Clearer error handling when adding account commissions multiple times on the same account
  • Manage Commissions. It is now possible to focus on a single commission
  • Small improvements in some tpl files


With this release we are going to temporarily suspend the development of the module. We are planning a refactor of Commissions Manager from scratch.

Fixed 1
  • Wrong function name was causing a fatal error under under particular conditions