Changelog Latest release 1 month ago

Fixed 3
  • Fatal error on client registration when using manual and interactive attribution in the same time
  • Fatal error on Validations
  • PDO Exception: DOUBLE value in Uploads
New 2
  • Support PHP 8.1+
  • Backend > Commissions. New column/filter Invoice Date


This release addresses the problem of slow loading pages on some systems running WHMCS v8.x.

Improved 1
  • Page loading time
New 1
  • Quick-pay from Dashboard now automatically sets Date Paid to current date
Improved 5
  • Small improvements to translations
  • When payment threshold (Payouts) is zero, Activate page shows a different message
  • Compatibility with SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme Sidebars
  • Updated countries.json
  • Minor improvements (366 DBV)


In this release we give the possibility to create custom commission structure for each affiliate.

New 2
  • Commissions page. The Percentage colum now shows both commission percentage and value like for example 0.70 euro (2%)
  • Multi-level commission structure for individual affiliates
Improved 4
  • Interactive Attribution. The page from which clients specify their sales representative doesn't show up if there are no representatives to display
  • Small improvements to Rewards page
  • Alias approval no longer applies to affiliates using any at all
  • English and italian translation
Changed 2
  • Module's tables. Monetary value format changed from currency prefix and suffix to prefix only
  • We renamed some features to better reflect changes to language files
New 1
  • Added support for WHMCS v8
Improved 1
  • Language PHP class (core)
Improved 1
  • Manual commissions can no longer be added credit notes
Improved 2
  • Linking to any page of WHMCS with Referral Links will issue affiliate cookie
  • A relevant part of Auto Updater has been improved to correct a potential bug

Long-awaited feature is now finally available.

The module now allows to manually add commissions from invoice view based on individual invoice items. All it takes is a click.

New 1
  • Manually add commission based on invoice items
Improved 2
  • Commissions page updated in line with recent changes
  • Invoice View. Clicking commission icon automatically filters and redirects to Commission page
Deprecated 1
  • Invoice View. Removed the alert below invoice items pointing to commissions since it was providing the same information of tag icons
Improved 1
  • As a client is deleted from WHMCS, the deletion is performed also on CM for affiliates, referenced customers and earnings
Changed 1
  • WHMCS Admin > Affiliates. Client name column renamed Affiliate name
Improved 2
  • Some improvements to Lara Admin & v4 even though we do not officially support these templates
  • FontAwesome v5 icons update
Changed 1
  • Small change to Settings core class that doesn't affect the way the module works
Fixed 2
  • Filtering options of Source column where not visible
  • A typo was preventing the module from sending notification about updates


Today's release involves also Billing Extension. Both modules combined will allow you to comply with Australian GST Law. For more details please read Australian Taxation System in our documentation.

New 3
  • Even invoices suppressed by Billing Extension (OneInvoice, Manual Invoicing, Anti-Fraud etc.) award commissions to affiliates
  • The module stores a new set of information that will be used for billing purposes
  • The use of Commission Manager together with Billing Extension lets you issue Credit Notes to Affiliates in line with Australia's tax system
Fixed 1
  • Affiliates page. Sorting by Commission, Payouts, Revenue and Affiliation Code was causing a fatal error
Fixed 1
  • Commission Rules not saving on servers with SQL Stric Mode enabled