A mouse that bites

A mouse that bites

Back   Posted on 26 october 2018 / Updated on 3 november 2018
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This is the story of the purchase of my new mouse for office. The kind of mouse that has been crafted by professional for comfort and productivity. Of course I spent a lot.

Round 1: Scroll wheel won't scroll

I paid 80 € to get the mouse of a very popular brand made with «Premium materials» (mostly plastic). It immediately started to show what I thought was a factory defect.

Many "ticks" of scroll wheel were not registering. I replaced it with a new one. Same story. I did some research and found out that it wasn't just me. The premium line of this product was affected by this issue but for the manufacturer there was nothing wrong... it was a feature to save battery life.

Round 2: Mouse biting me

I tried to adapt to this defect for a couple of weeks but in the end I decided to take a new mouse still of the same brand but from their gaming line. This time I paid almost 100 € yay!

Sharp edges, buttons of different length with an hole in between. As if it wasn't enough the right side was a lot taller and its weight was extraordinary. It was the most uncomfortable mouse I have ever had.

Round 3: 8 € mouse did the trick

Yep, in the end an Amazon Basic mouse that costed less than 8 € was more functional and comfortable than "premium" counterparts. Same plastic, no leds and a very basic design that makes sense.

Maybe I'm exaggerating but since the first iPhone was released, I started to notice this tendency of valuing form over substance. My premium mice were splendid to watch but probably were build for the ergonomics of Chewbacca's hand.

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