Changelog Latest release 11 days ago

Fixed 1
  • Online Contract now working as extecped due to a missing variable in the code


This release addresses the problem of slow loading pages on some systems running WHMCS v8.x. There's still room for improvements so stay tuned.

Improved 2
  • Page loading time
  • Customer retention. When customers cancel their domain/service for selecting Other reason, the textarea requires them to write at least 5 characters


We discovered a bug causing VIES to be improperly working. To avoid any possible issue with invoices, we recommend to do the following:

  • If you are using VIES, open Addons > Billing Extension > Settings > VIES
  • Look for Scheduled Checks option and set it to 1. This forces Billing Extension to re-check all European VAT Numbers on the VIES when the next WHMCS Daily Cron Job is invoked
  • Once WHMCS completes the Cron, you can safely revert Scheduled Checks to the original value you had

This will also solve a problem with Italian electronic invoicing where entity type (eg. Public Administration, Company, Organization...) was not showing in Client Profile.

Changed 1
  • Australian GST. When ABN Lookup returns the customer has GST, the module automatically disable Statement by Supplier (if set)
Fixed 2
  • VIES was not working as expected due to recent changes (Brexit)
  • Australian GST/RCTI plugin was not properly creating Invoice Data Snapshots
Improved 1
  • Updated countries.json file
Fixed 1
  • Australian Toolkit. BX was generating Invoices instead of Credit Notes on systems with Proforma turned off


We're adding new variables you can use to customize your Addons > Billing Extension > Settings > Billing Preferences > Suppression Notification (Client). You find a sample body for the email in documentation.

New 2
  • New variables available for Invoice Suppression email notification
  • Italian electronic invoicing. Removing UK from VIES will result in changes in XML structure


We introduce the new auto-tag {CN} that can be used to mark credit notes. For example with format like {YEAR}-{NUMBER}{CN|-CN} Billing Extension issues the following documents:

  • 2021-1-CN (credit note)
  • 2021-2 (invoice)
  • 2021-3-CN (credit note)
  • 2021-4-CN (credit note)
  • 2021-5 (invoice)

For more details read Sharing Invoice Numbering Sequence.

New 2
  • New auto-tag to mark credit notes
  • Credit notes and amount out. The module accordingly overrides total and balance in HTML and PDF invoices


Errata corrige. Thanks to brian for pointing me out that UK VAT numbers can be searched in VIES until the end of March 2021. With this release we revert the change we made in 2.2.145 in VIES where you can still find UK.

Deprecated 1
  • UK is still part of VIES


This is an important release where we address three things: Brexit, invoice number reset and Italian electronic invoicing.

Brexit. Great Britain (GB) removed from:

  • VIES
  • European Union
  • MOSS

We won't do anything for existing invoices and customers from GB. This is something that you should address with your accountant.

If you are using Addons > Billing Extension > Settings > Billing Preferences > Reset Invoice Numbers, tomorrow the module will automatically reset invoice and credit note sequential numbers (new year).

This release contains an important change that will allow the reset to occur at 00:00 o'clock before WHMCS starts issuing invoices.

As for Italian electronic invoicing, still at 00:00 o'clock the module will automaticaly switch to the new XML format valid starting from 1st January.

Improved 1
  • New year invoice number reset. The reset will occur at 00:00 o'clock
Changed 2
  • Brexit. GB leaves VIES, European Union and MOSS
  • Italian electronic invoicing. Switch to the new XML format valid starting from 1st January 2021
New 1
  • Invoice Snapshot. New option to auto recalculate taxes on save
Improved 3
  • Notable improvements to Tax Rules functionalities
  • Italian electronic invoicing > AltriDatiGestionali > RiferimentoNumero. New check (decimal 11,2) for Lettera d'Intento
  • Minor improvements (366 DBV)


We're aware of an issue which is affecting some of our customers running WHMCS v8 (slow loading pages). We're working to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Fixed 2
  • PHP error in Churn Rate report due to changes in Laravel of v8
  • Potential installer error when activating and deactivating the module
New 1
  • Invoice Archiving plugin. Full support for password-protected WHMCS admin directory (htaccess)
Improved 1
  • Potential bug with Online Contract
Changed 1
  • Country list updated to reflect changes to WHMCS v8 - new country South Sudan


If you're using Italian Electronic Invoicing and WHMCS 8.0.4, Billing Extension needs to be updated as soon as possible to avoid issuing wrong XML files.

Changed 1
  • In WHMCS 8.0.4 tax rate has now 3 decimal places. Electronic invoicing has been updated in line with this change
New 1
  • Invoice Suppression Notification (Admin) now includes invoice items
Fixed 1
  • Typo in italian.php file

We bring you a new report to review your Churn Rate - rate at which customers stop doing business with you. We also add improvements for WHMCS v8.

New 2
  • Churn Rate report is now officially part of Billing Extension
  • The badge on top of WHMCS v8 administration now also includes pending tickets, orders and overdue invoices
Improved 1
  • Invoice Archiving now increases PHP timeout to deal with transmissions of many files
Fixed 2
  • Invoice Archiving. Changes to Start Date had no effect on overwriting FTP/Email Last Run (used to force file retransmission)
  • The badge on top of WHMCS v8 administration with warnings, pending tickets, pending orders etc. was not showing correctly