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Cloud Hosting pricing structure

Effective date 10th november 2015. Last updated 10th november 2015

Limits of traditional hosting

How clould you predict today how much space, computing power and virtual memory you will need from now to next year for your website? And how many email accounts, databases and FTP accounts? And what if, at some point, you need to host another webiste?

It is impossible to accurately answer to these questions, but you do it every time you buy a traditional hosting service. Most of the time, in fact, you find yourself purchasing a service that is undersized or oversized. In the first case the site will give you bad performances meanwhile in the second you'll be wasting money.

In the ongoing search for a solution that is as close as possible to your needs, you will contact over and over again your provider asking for an upgrade rather than a downgrade or a quote for a custom solution that however will not ever get close to reality. It is also possible that you incur in service interruption or that you have to pay for a mandatory upgrade because of the excessive use of resources.

The basic problem is that in a traditional hosting you get, for one year, a plan with fixed and preset limits, even if all that happens in your site is, on the contrary, dynamic and unpredictable. And why paying for 2 GB space when you use less than 1? Why being forced to get a plan with 5 GB when you only need 3?

Cloud Hosting

The benefits of our cloud hosting service are:
  • On-demand and self-service: you can unilaterally provision yourself the resources you need
  • Immediate flexibility to get everything you need if necessary
  • Lower costs because you only pay for the actual use of resources
  • The best quality and reliability thanks to the Cloud infrastructure
  • Continuous and detailed monitoring of your costs and consumptions
All this means not having to place orders and renewals and that you can use the service even for a single day. In addition to this, if your sites occupy 235 MB of disk space, you will pay exactly for the consumption of 235 MB.

Every hour we verify the overall resources that you are using and every day we charge your consumptions directly in the credit of your account. From the client area you can keep track of all checks, prices and used resource with simple zoomable graphs.

Pricing list

Here you can always consult our current price list for each resource.

Unit Daily cost
Hosting plan 1 Free
FTP account 1 Free
Email address 1 0.0013698 €
Autoresponder 1 0.0006849 €
Email forwarding 1 0.0006849 €
Mailing list 1 Free
Database 1 Free
Incoming traffic 1 TB Free
Outgoing traffic 1 TB Free
Disk usage 1 MB 0.000048 €
Disk usage for database 1 MB 0.0000576 €
CPU usage 1% 0.012 €
RAM memory 1 MB 0.000936 €
Physical memory 1 MB 0.000468 €
Entry process - -
I/O - -

Cost simulation

Use the sliders provided below to better appreciate the costs of our platform. For simplicity reasons not all resources are present in the simulator and, for the same reasons, we set purely indicative limits. In fact, nothing prevents you from using more resources that exceed the ones shown in the slider.

It is important to underline that our monitoring system is extremely sensitive. We are in fact able detect use of resources with an accuracy of one second. That said, if you set the simulator with 256 MB of RAM memory usage and with 10% CPU usage, you will get a daily estimated cost based on the uninterrupted use of these resources for 86.400 seconds (one day) so please keep in mind that the prices of the simulator are only indicative.


Avarage core usage in a span time of 24 hours


Average RAM usage in a span time of 24 hours


Distributed storage with SSD drives
Daily cost